Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thigh-Highs for DecoMetal® Oblivion...

TLASILA - The Hullabaloo Singers and Orchestra vs. Merzbow & Nordvargr

If, as Jacques Derrida suggested in Glas, "every thesis is a prothesis," then this infernal collision sports 665 pairs of white vinyl Courrèges grappling tongs. The Hullabaloo Show squares off against the collaborative Partikel II, with the latter taking the brunt of the pranging...


(Four tracks, 19 MB, ripped at 320.)



Resistance Is Essential,


KD Returns to KSV!

Hello Droogs, Kevin Drumm and I picked up our conversation - one that surges, drifts off, abates, and swells with elliptic certainty ever...