Thursday, May 08, 2014

New KSV Releases Due to Be Presented Here Tomorrow...

Hello All,

Preparing the Ruine set for release has proved to be extraordinarily arduous - there are 192 separate audio elements alone. We ask that you overlook the slight delay and give the new KSV albums (some of which you've doubtless noticed in earlier posts) a long, passionate smooch when they debut here tomorrow.



A Russian Orthodox priest checks voting machines under the ceiling of a residential house near Seattle...

Any Xiu Xiu fans out there? Loop back to 2006: I was asked to remix a track from their Air Force album for inclusion on a compilation that was issued the following year as Remixed | Covered. For my piece, I opted to rework the entirety of AF. Brought it in at 3:45. Accepted, done. Upon release, the track was credited to TLASILA, perhaps because they didn't want to confuse their indie followers by intimating the lead drooler of REM-lite Brit fops Editors had done the mix. But, yeah, it was all me. I knocked it out over a long weekend at Hnub Ci Vaj and Graham Moore's surburban ATL chateau. (And cheers, Marisa Handren!)
Click the artwork below for the link.

Convalescence: Day Fifteen

A brief programming note: Kevin Drumm 's new Karl Schmidt Verlag album, Jury Prize , is live and available at KSV Bandcamp . It's b...